h: what's this performance with flour?

s: they're snowshoes, with a bag underneath filled with flour and actually "de bibliotheek" originated from this performance. idea was i would walk into a dirty space sweep it up, then sweep up the flour left by the snowshoes. then make pies with the flour and put the garbage inside each pie.that's why all those pies in the bibliotheek piece have cans from the street in them.

h: did you do the baking at home?

s: i did it in my studio, it took three months

h: what did you do to keep it from deteriorating?

s: it's flour and salt. which becomes hard but then i threw it away

h: what does the whole trail in snowshoes that you leave behind signify?

s: originally it was collecting your footprints or past to move ahead ,it leaves a beautiful path that seems full of life, like turtles when they crawl up from the ocean to leave eggs, its beautiful to watch. as your foot goes down a great flour puff... it was great doing it in the cities, especially in moscow, people would stop their cars to let me know i was crazy... i also did it in amsterdam and on an abandoned bridge in seattle... a continuing performance

h: tell me about "landscape with incident".

s: this is a performance from holland. these shoes have bronze bottoms, and they sat on the stove for about an hour, and then i walked across the gallery floor. it burned a imprint onto the floor of the gallery.

h: they really hated you didn't they? (laughter)

s: no, they had sold the place and said don't screw up our floors. i had never walked on a lacquered floor. flames shot up to my nose. i thought i was burning huge holes in the floor but it was hardly damaged. because of that i was in a hurry to get over to the water. i was running to get over there, and it was so hot that it was like ice skating i was all over.

h: when you were in holland, did you find it easier for you to deal with the art scene?

s: getting to know gallerists is about the same. there it was a bit easier because i worked with 20 other artists, though we were all much different the sense of common purpose always came in. it is being in contact with other artists daily friends or not that makes things most interesting for me.

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"de Bibliotheek (library)"-flour, salt, wood, tin cans, 290 x 200 x 50cm
"Landscape with incident", bronze fire shoes; Arnhem The Netherlands, 1993