h: what's this?

s: these are foils from smoking heroin. it's called chasing the dragon. so the piece became, the dragon slayers.

h: i don't know anything about heroin so could you please explain...

s: the heroin has gotten so pure lately you can smoke it. take a piece of foil, put the heroin on it, hold a match or lighter underneath and it melts and then you inhale the smoke. it leaves these burned trails on the foil. for these panels, i collected a lot of foils and then i covered the backs of them with colored candy foil, so it looks like the original thing except with colored foil on one side, some people were even surprised , they said they didnt realize the junkies used such nice foils..

h: what are the blood prints?

s: in amsterdam metro early one morning i found this baseball hat covered with blood. i picked it up, put it in a bag. i later ran it through a press with wet paper and it really came out amazing. it's called the bullfighter. from the bullhorn embroidery design.

h: what about the glove, you found one too.

s: the glove i made. i also made the shirt.

h: what type of blood did you use?

s: mine.

h: interesting, what are these gloves?

s: this is called, "33 soft things to stop a bullet". i took a whole stack of these gloves, and shot them a shotgun and it stopped on the 33rd glove, jesus years.

h: these photos appear to be blood related. what are they?

s: these three photos are my hands in melted cotton candy, a surgeon's hands and a chocolate factory workers hands. chocolate and blood... the working temperature of chocolate is -like body temperature. hence the name 36°-42° celsius. in black and white pictures blood and chocolate look the same - Hitchcock used chocolate syrup in the famous shower drain scene.

h: this performance appears related to these photos.

s: it's seperate. this is from the downtown arts festival in was called "bandaged". i laid in the sun next to the garbage can on 9th and let the cotton candy melt on my hands, until i heard a moan from the audience, and then i knew the police are here, they were- i got a ticket.

h: definitely is similar to the bloody pieces. i'm finding all of this blood, death and chocolate relation very beautiful and disturbing. do you see yourself keeping this train of thought? where are you going now?

s: i am going to amsterdam for a couple of shows one will make paper snowflakes with the pattern made with a shotgun. the other i will paper the gallery with wallpaper that was also shot with a shotgun, if you shoot the rolls then unroll them the rustling pattern looks great. it all depends how if i can work it out with the police in Holland.

h: best wishes on your upcoming travels and i can't wait to see what you bring back. thanks again for the visit.

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"Shields of a Dragon Slayer"- colored foil, foils from smoking crack and heroin, 4 Plexiglas panels 120 x 60cm 1999
"Shields of a Dragon Slayer"- colored foil, foils from smoking crack and heroin, 4 Plexiglas panels 120 x 60cm 1999
"36-43 Celsius"-photographic triptych - hands with blood, chocolate and cotton-candy, 60x 80 cm each, 1996
"bandaged", cotton-candy machine: Texas USA, 1995